Oozoo David Scott Manager, ooZoo

We wanted to increase our bottom line.”
Specifically, we wanted to do a better job of filling the bar during slow hours. Their solution, the app Fomo does just that.

It boasts a large user base of bar-goers in Gainesville, acting as a direct wire between us and our best customers. With Fomo, we send promotions and advertisements to a highly interested segment instantly through push notifications on their phones. The conversion rates of these promotions are much higher than typical channels like Facebook.

Instant promotions through Fomo also allowed us to be much more reactive—any time the bar was empty, we could instantly push out a great flash deal to increase attendance in short time.”

Meet the team


Chief Visionary

The glue that makes us one strong cohesive unit. Non-toxic.


Business Development Lead

Makes sure nobody ever gets a day off.


Lead Swift/iOs Developer

There's an app (developer) for that.


Chief Technical Advisor

When we have questions, he has answers.


Backend Dev/Tech Mastermind

Rylan makes the sun go around the world that is ViperQ.


Lead Java/Android Developer

If he can't do it, it's on an iPhone.

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